Evangelistic Temple Christmas Production 2018: "A Christmas Carol"

A Christmas Carol

Now it’s time for the long anticipated Evangelistic Temple Christmas Production, ‘A Christmas Carol’. This musical production is a gospel adaption of the all-time favorite classic by Charles Dickens. If you have seen last year’s production, then you don’t want to miss this one.

In this production, the mean and surly miser, Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge’s heart has been hardened by the loss of his dear wife, and life’s circumstances. However, he soon undergoes a life transforming and miraculous change after he is visited by three angels disguised as persons from his past. The angels allow Scrooge to see the errors of his ways with fresh eyes. Aided by these Heavenly messengers, Scrooge quickly acknowledges his sinful state, and his need for Christ. He confesses Jesus Christ as Lord, and then attempts to change his ill-fated reputation, and provide aid to unfortunate and destitute persons in his community.

A fine and lively cast is being assembled and the date has been set. All that will be missing is your presence. Come join us as the Evangelistic Temple Fine Arts Ministry seeks to entertain you while presenting the Gospel message in a new and refreshing way. Don’t be left out, spread the word…Coming to the ‘Temple’ in the month of December… ‘A Christmas Carol’.