Dear Family and Friends, Many of you are already aware that we have begun our new journey in serving our Lord in another part of His vineyard. How did we get here? For those who have known me (Wayne) for many years, may recall me saying that God had called me to missions. About 2 years ago we felt that God was telling us that it was time for us to step out!

We began to pray and fast as to where He would have us go, meanwhile taking South Africa off the table because of our natural bias. After about a month of not hearing anything, we then decided to pray about South Africa. With that, the floodgates opened with many conformations, and it was settled. We conferred with our pastors about where God was leading us, and started investigating what we would have to do.

Looking back on our lives to this point we can see how all our education, training, seminars, workshops, serving in a host of ministries and on staff at a church, organizing conferences, church administrator, etc., God was preparing us for this purpose. South Africa - "Beautifully Rich, But Spiritually Poor South Africa is a nation of 32,000,000, with 4 different major people groups, 11 official national languages and almost twice the size of Texas.

It is considered by some to be the most prosperous of the other African nations, because it is very rich with natural resources. Although free from apartheid for 17 years (a system that told the people that because of their race they could only reach a certain standard in life), these scars and wounds run deep. Anger and bitterness from the past hurts, freedom without control (a nation with liberal values), drug abuse, open corruption among government officials, communities in disarray, ranked one of the highest AIDS population in the world, a divided nation, and yet it has the potential to affect the continent of Africa for greatness. The only way this can happen (healing the wounds, uniting the people group, dealing with the decay in the nation), so that it can be a positive role model for the other African Nations is through God and His agency, the church.

We believe God has called us to come along side pastors, leaders, churches and organizations to Equip, Encourage and Empower them to accomplish this task/ mandate. We would like to invite you to partner with us as we seek to lift up and assist our brothers and sisters in Christ in this section of God’s vineyard.